My name is Christopher Gleason, and while I am currently just a senior in high school, I am determined to spend the rest of my life studying the diversity and wonders of the natural world. I have loved animals for as long as I can remember, but not in the same way most people do. I loved the way they worked and how they are related to one another, interests that have naturally matured into passions for evolutionary biology and taxonomy. The goal of this blog is to showcase the amazing diversity of life and although I will primarily focus on animals, I also plan to periodically delve into other branches of life as well as occasional examinations of pathology, human behavior, or anything else I happen to find interesting. Blogs such as Darren Naish’s Tetrapod Zoology and Christopher Taylor’s Catalogue of Organisms have greatly influenced my knowledge of the natural world for years now and inspired me to try my hand at spreading my own natural fascination.